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Canasuc, the ART OF SUGAR...

Our story

Pierre Bosc-Bierne discovered the candy stick in the early 1990s. He fell in love with this shiny object, which replaces the spoon in hot drinks, and had the idea of adapting it to espresso. The little sugar cane gave its name to the brand. CANASUC takes shape and quickly becomes the creator, manufacturer and distributor of a range of innovative sugars: candy sticks, decorated sugars and moulded sugars, exclusive to CANASUC.

Our expertise

It all starts with a drawing, a flower, an animal, a symbol. Then comes the implementation. Several prototypes - sometimes dozens - are needed to obtain the perfect shape; not the one that will faithfully render the motif of the design, but the one that will visually create the impression that the design makes. Then, the workmanship comes into play.
This know-how, the result of more than 25 years of experience at Canasuc, is a well-kept secret, an alchemy that results in true works of art. A process entirely made in France, during which the sugar, white, amber or ebony, is shaped by hand. The experienced eye accompanies the gesture to know with what force to press, when to stop; then the drying takes place, a slow operation that will end with the demoulding. A moment of discovery where precision and constancy of gesture compete.

Our values


We are always looking for new ways to surprise you. Creativity is not just reserved for our products. It is present at all levels and concerns all our teams. Everyone is able to contribute their ideas, to dream and to project themselves to improve our operations. It is based on open-mindedness and multiple exchanges.


We have a constant desire to provide the best product and the best service. We are constantly seeking perfection and rigour to offer you the best. To achieve this, our teams are totally committed.


A real team effort based on listening to and recognising each other. The value of sharing is also what our products convey: more than a sugar, Canasuc imagines moments to share. Offering a Canasuc box creates surprise, exchange and something new.


Quality is paramount in our business at all levels: raw material selection, product design, production and transport. And it goes further, because it is also the quality of the relationships we have with our suppliers and customers.