Discover our sugars, through their universe:


Christmas is fast approaching and with it the quest for the perfect gift...

CANASUC has thought of everything and offers original gifts that will surprise your loved ones and participate in the magic of Christmas.

ABRACADABRA! A package opens to reveal delicate white sugar ribbons in a pretty box with festive colors. What a joy to receive so many sweets!

GOOD THE DIVINE! At the foot of the tree decorated with beautiful garlands, an assortment of pretty white and brown sugar angels that will make every tea or coffee break absolutely ... divine

To face the rigors of winter, FRISSON are nice polar bears, white and sweet, perfect to accompany a good hot drink.

Because Christmas is a moment full of poetry, THE GLACIER TALE, an assortment of delicate white and brown sugar stars and white candy sticks, accompanies all the dreams and stimulates the creativity at the time of enjoying a good coffee.

Sugar abracadabra - Limited edition Christmas 2022

RED HEART-CATCHERThese are beautiful red and white heart-shaped sugars that hang on mugs and cups as a promise of eternal love. The perfect Christmas gift to make a big statement.

Offer a moment out of time with THE STICKS. In a pretty suitcase box, luxurious sugar sticks are just waiting to be dipped in a delicious beverage to bring a moment of absolute zenitude.

Finalize the perfect gift with a CRYSTAL CUBE. It hosts CANASUC creations and allows you to admire them like a work of art thanks to its transparent design.

All CANASUC sugars are made in France and hand-molded near Fontainebleau. They are the product of a unique know-how. If you are looking for a local gift that values French craftsmanship, do not hesitate.