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Rouge Accroche-Coeur

UGS N-BNB-ACROU Catégories , Étiquettes ,

Assortment of heart-shaped mouldings, to hang on the rim of a cup, white and red.

Made in France


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The palpitations of the tightrope walkers on the sensitive rope paused... The moment was being prayed for, stretched out... Because it had to be given with forms... Those of the love symbol.

Product description : White-red "Heart-catcher" mouldings to put on the edge of the cup
Number of sugars in the box: 32 white, 32 red.
Net weight: 250 g
Weight of sugar per unit: 4 g
Origin: sugar moulded and packaged in France, box made in France
Shelf life : no date limit
Ingredients: 99.9% cane sugar, natural colourings (radish concentrate, apple, blackcurrant, safflower, lemon)

Further information

Colour of sugars not contractual

EAN CODE : 3 567 360 003 685

Store away from light and moisture.

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy: 1700 kj/ 400 kcal
Fat of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates 99.7 g of which sugars: 99.7 g
Protein and salt: 0 g

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