La Tour Mademoiselle

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The "Mademoiselle" sugar bowl is offered with elegance on a shield stem.
Powdery notes for white, amber and pink half-spheres.

Made in France


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This "Mademoiselle" sugar bowl is a great original gift idea. It can be given on any occasion: to celebrate a reunion, on Mother's Day or for Christmas. These pretty sugars with their powdery notes bring a romantic touch to tea or coffee time. The art of the table is appreciated in the details for those who love art and decoration. Made in France.

Product description: "La Tour Mademoiselle" sugar bowl
Description of contents: This box contains 114 white, pink and amber mouldings of assorted sizes, the Plexiglas® support and its stainless steel stem.
Net weight (sugar): 240 g
Weight of sugar per unit: between 1.4 g and 3.5 g
Shelf life: unlimited
Ingredients: 99.9% cane sugar, colourings (natural colourings, radish concentrate, apple, blackcurrant)

Further information

Colour of sugars not contractual

EAN CODE : 3 760 188 350 409

Store away from light and moisture.

Nutritional values per 100 g
Energy: 1700 kj/ 400 kcal
Fat of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates 99.7 g of which sugars: 99.7 g
Protein and salt: 0 g

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